3-piece Cylinder Vases


Elevate your event décor with our stunning 3-piece Cylinder Vases set. These vases flaunt a clear, clean look that beautifully showcases flowers, candles, or any decorative items of your choice. The set includes three different sizes - 6",7", and 10.5, designed to create a layered, visually appealing centerpiece. The tallest vase stands at an impressive height, perfect for elongating your table's visual line while the medium and small vases add depth and dimension. Perfect for weddings, parties, corporate events, or any special occasion, these vases are versatile and can easily fit any theme or décor style. Rent them now and let your creativity shine through these transparent beauties. Enjoy the flexibility of designing your own unique arrangements without the burden of ownership. With our reliable rental service, we deliver impeccably clean, ready-to-use vases right to your doorstep. Make an unforgettable statement at your next event with our 3-piece Cylinder Vases set.